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The resources issue

Some providers boast of having 64GB or more of RAM in their servers. What does that mean? More performance? We don’t believe so! Let’s analyze the facts: having more RAM basically allows providers to accommodate more accounts on a server without the customer knowing it.

More doesn't mean better

The amount of resources doesn’t matter when it comes to hardware in terms of technology. Here at Whitesystem your data is stored on powerful SSD energized servers. 50 GB (for example) is a lot for a single website, not even a SMF forum with over 1.5 million messages and 350K users is over 2.5 GB of actual disk usage, and we base this information on active sites hosted at Whitesystem. 2.5 GB of space on SATA disk can’t be compared to a SSD in terms of performance.

Bad neighbour

In addition, if they offer CloudLinux, which is an awesome tool to protect customers from “bad-neighbors” (we use it too), you can also assume they isolate accounts with specific resource usage limits for each hosting space, so at the end of the day why 64 GB of RAM if you can’t fully use them? (in order to prevent abusers on the server which is, of course, a good reason). It’s just another marketing gimmick. Here at Whitesystem all our servers have a maximum of 24GB of RAM and a minimum of 16GB, with a fair and flexible resource usage policy; ensuring performance and avoiding unnecessary overcrowding practices.


Emergencies are a very important thing at Whitesystem because we take every minimal issue seriously. We have a very detailed Service Level Agreement that applies to all our services, which guarantees quick responses at every moment, and of course quick resolutions. You can’t be sure of this with another provider.

Bad things happen

Disk fails occur, they are a reality and with thousands of servers being deployed everyday around the world a Disk failure may become a necessary condition. What if this happens to another provider without these guarantees? The result is maybe a quick response, but a slow resolution – more downtime and losses. Since we don’t cheat or lie our customers, and these things do happen in the world, is that we are so confident to tell you: Your data couldn’t be safer.

Being proactive

We are also protected against DDoS attacks, carrying them out quickly and efficiently. Here at Whitesystem you are not only secure against attacks or failures. We think every single detail is important and we are very paranoid about them, taking daily backups twice a day (offsite and onsite), on already protected and mirrored disks with hardware-based RAID10 servers.

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