About Us

Some things about our processes and people

Something about us

Whitesystem has been quietly but consistently building a powerhouse portfolio of web site design and web-hosting success. We have cheerfully and expertly designed, developed, strategized and implemented web hosting programs and wordpress sites for small and large medical clients, non-profit foundations, design agencies, real estate groups and small service clients. Our services includes all our years of experience on doing web.

Sense of humor
Web Design
Account Manager

Internet connoisseur, entrepreneur, philanthropist, full-time student and Support Agent at Whitesystem

System Administrator

A highly skilled System Administrator. He will probably give you the most detailed responses

Support Technician

Grumpy but very smart Support Tech. He is one of the first people that would contact you in case something is needed.

Whitesystem founded in 2006 with the aim of providing comprehensive Internet services, domains, hosting and dedicated servers. The development and growth since its inception rests on two fundamental premises: self-reliance on technology and development of solutions provided from the perspective and needs.

Everyone at Whitesystem is an expert in web hosting and the technologies that go with it.

However, we recruit people with varied backgrounds, because we believe having a breadth of experience in-house helps us to understand our customers better.

We always explain things in plain English too. After all, most of our customers are experts in their own business, not in web hosting. (Though if you’d rather talk tech, we can do that as well.)

You are our only priority.

In Whitesystem you are the most important: 50% Whitesystem Family is dedicated exclusively to the customer. Dealing with matters concerning the election and advanced configuration of our products. We listen and help you customize a plan that best suits you so that it suits, to the millimeter, to your project.

We manage a significant number of inquiries every week, mostly settled in a single communication. Our own management platform allows us not only resolve this volume, but real-time serve you at the very time we need.

Mail, chat, Choose the medium that you are more comfortable and will serve at any time, every day of the year, of course without costing you anything. In Whitesystem shy away from robots and automated response systems, we prefer to give you the deal you really deserve: humane treatment of humans.

Our Support


If we cannot answer your question immediately, we will find someone who can. Fast.


Our web hosting knowledge is first rate, of course. But we also try and understand your challenges, so we can help you better.


When you call the phone, we answer – with a real person, not a machine.

Our Services

Total Quality

We build our servers up to a standard, not down to a price. You can rely on the performance and reliability of all our systems.

We suit you

If our comprehensive of-the-shelf options are unsuitable, customise them to fit your needs


We love to go that bit further. For instance, one of our data centres is in an ultra-secure ex-bank vault.